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1981 Mary Alice Wilson Grant Hahn Harely Haynes
1983 Grant Hahn Athena Walker
1983 Grant Michael Melody Ethyl Morman Athena Walker Mary Alice Chick
1986 Dr John Wilfrid H H Bruce Greg Hahn
1986 H H Hahn As Newborns
1986 Melody Brooke Twins Grant Elisabeth Hahn Athena Walker
1986 Michael Melody H H Hahn
1987 Grant Taylor Hahn Rifle Dogs
1988 H H Hahn Go Up The Stairs
1988 H H White G Sh Pups
1989 Grant H H Melody Hahn Athena Walker
1989 Lance Alan Hahn H H Michael Melody Jimmy Gonzalez
1989 White G Sh Pups Red Cardinal
1992 Sooner White German Shepherd Night Shots
1993 Oscar Scopas Guatamala Melody H H Hahn
1994 Janet Ripley Heather Hayley Hahn
1995 Janet H H D Lancaster
1996 Farmersville House And Lone Star Track
1996 H H And Calli El Grande
1996 Michael Hahns 40th Birthday Party
1997 Erin Ripley 401K And Kid Goats
1997 Foxes Donna Sowle Abel Silva Brad Johnson Bday Michael
1997 Grant Hahn Goes Greyhound
1997 Grant Taylor Hahn Cattle Birth of Goats
1997 Heather Hayleys 11th Bday Party
1997 Heidi H H And Horses
1997 House That Jack Built
1997 Janet H H Hahn Rod Taylor Family
1997 Velvet Elvis Brian Shannon Bowers
1998 Betsy Hahns 79th Birthday Richard Janet
1998 Catastrophe Cat H H Michael Hahn
1998 Forgeys Hahns Paula Egan Marcus And Belaye
1998 Foxes Grant Hahn And Jeremiah
1998 Heather Hayley And Calli
1998 Janet Hahn Erin Ripley Victor Adam Grant Hahn
1998 Richard Janet Michael And Hayley Hahn
1999 Around Farm Kids Perspective
1999 Best Ball Sick Horse Black Hoof Disease H H Hahn
1999 Bitsy Dachshund Pinto Horses
1999 Bob And Dotcom The Dogs
1999 Dogs Best Ball
1999 Forgeys Group Shot Foxes Janet Of Moto Guzzi
1999 H H Hahn Shannon Tiger Lucky Horses
1999 Hayley Sunset Loading Best Myrmidon Donkey
1999 Heather Hayley John Deer Tractor And Horses 2
1999 Heather Hayley John Deer Tractor Horses
1999 Ice Storm
1999 Marvin Schkade Ranch H H 14th Bday
1999 Pinto Best Twilight H H Tractor
1999 Rental House
1999 Sick Best Ball Twilight The Foal
1999 Suzuki JB And Brandon
1999 Terry Graff Bruce David Hahn H H Savannah
2000 Bitsy Dachshund Cadillac Catastrophe Cats
2000 Catastrophe Calico Cats
2000 Coyote Rover And Dotcom
2000 Grant Hahn And Barn
2000 H H Twilight Agenda Pinto And John Deer Tractor
2000 Michael Hayley Twilight Agenda
2000 Sunflowers Richard McIntire Debbie Greg Hahn Cantina Laredo
2000 Tioga Paula Marcus Bilaye Best Ball Black Leg Disease
2000 Wilsons Best Twilight And Bob
2001 Bitsy Pinto Dot Com Animals
2001 Cadillac The Cat
2001 David Hahn And Family H H
2001 Farmersville Rental House Debbie Eichner
2001 Grant Hahn Sarah Carasco Nicole Telesh
2001 Great Pyrenes Rocket Janet H H
2001 Group Shot of Grant Hahn Nicole Telesh Sarah Carasco
2001 Michael Hahn Mr Mrs Forgey H H Janet Hahn
2001 Results of High Wind Damage On Farmers Ins OBI
2002 Farmersville Old Time Parade
2002 Grant Hahn Fernando Garcia Firing Rifles
2002 Greg Hahn Paul Forgey Rental House
2002 Peggy Rodney Ryan Pairs
2002 Snow Day Horses Lucky Pinto
2002 Thanksgiving Erin Ripley Wilsons Hahns Forgeys
2003 BackPorch And Paul Forgey
2003 Farmersville Old Time Parade
2003 Hahn Michael Around The Ranch
2003 Hahn Ranch with Rod Taylor Erin Ripley
2003 Joy Kendall Cats Dogs Michael Janet Hahn
2004 Great Pyrenes Rocket Goats Two Hours Old
2004 Jeff And Laura Fox With John Deere 4610 Tractor
2004 Spring Flowers Roses And Bluebonnets
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