WIDGEON Comparison Shots

Every effort has been made to make these 5 shots similar photographs. For the digital cameras, these shots were taken at their lowest ISO setting.

Olympus E-1 at ISO 100, 1/15th, F-11 at 54 mm (Zuikor 14-54 MM Digital Lens)

Kodak DCS 14N at ISO 80

Kodak DCS 14N at ISO 80, 1/60th, F-22 at 70mm (Nikkor 24-70) (above)

Nikon D70

Nikon D70 ISO 200, 1/500th, F-22 at 55mm (Nikkor 24-70)(above)

Contax 645

Contax 645 at ISO 100, Astria Slide Film at 1/125th, F-16 (C.Z. 80mm Lens) (above)

Contax ND

Contax ND ISO 25 , 1/45th, F-6.0 with 24-85 C.Z. Zoom at 55mm (above)

Contax G2

Contax G2 ISO 200 Fuji Superia HQ Print Film, 1/250th , F-16 ( 90 mm Planar lens) (above)

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