Roll CF002 Michael R. Hahn

2002 Dallas, Texas Street Scenes

Equipment: Contax N Digital with 24-85 Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar Zoom

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RMHCF002S1.jpg RMHCF002S2.jpg RMHCF002S3.jpg RMHCF002S4.jpg
RMHCF002M1.jpg RMHCF002M2.jpg RMHCF002M3.jpg RMHCF002M4.jpg
RMHCF002S5.jpg RMHCF002S6.jpg RMHCF002S7.jpg RMHCF002S8.jpg
RMHCF002M5.jpg RMHCF002M6.jpg RMHCF002M7.jpg RMHCF002M8.jpg
RMHCF002S9.jpg RMHCF002S10.jpg RMHCF002S11.jpg RMHCF002S12.jpg
RMHCF002M9.jpg RMHCF002M10.jpg RMHCF002M11.jpg RMHCF002M12.jpg
RMHCF002S13.jpg RMHCF002S14.jpg RMHCF002S15.jpg RMHCF002S16.jpg
RMHCF002M13.jpg RMHCF002M14.jpg RMHCF002M15.jpg RMHCF002M16.jpg


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